Sold June 2021

6B Eden Crescent

Purchase Price

Purchase Price

$ 449k

Sales Price

Sales Price

$ 635k

ROI on Sale

ROI on Sale


About this opportunity

This Unit was built on the subdivided section for 6 Eden Crescent

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Purchase Purchase

Purchase Price $29,891
Fees $8,500
Initial Cost (Construction Cost) $390,000

Income Flip

Initial Costs Total $428,391
Solicitor $2,460
Sales Cost $18,475
Total $449,326
Achieved Sales Price $635,000
Total Profit $185,674

R.O.I on Sale (Full Deal Pre Subdevide 9 Months) = 41.32%

Charl van Wyk

Substantial personal portfolio with over 18 success projects delivered across the last 5 years. High focus on specialist education

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With the property already secured this project has significant momentum and we aim to commence renovation and improvements imminently. For more information on this, please reach out to us.