By just answering that this isn’t, is quite silly to just believe this. Instead, we always encourage our partners to do their own due diligence on us, and any other investment they do. We are all about being open and transparent, and can arrange to meet other investors to hear first hand. We can also introduce you to our trusted teams, and we can also provide proof of all our sales and costs of the deals we have done.

One of our most important rules are that we always also go into any deal with our own funds as well, to ensure we have ‘skin in the game’ to give the investor peace of mind that we will do anything in our ability to make each deal a success.

For any investment, partnership or venture that you want to put your money toward we recommend you follow the following due diligence rules to ensure your investment is safer.

  • Ensure the entity you invest into have the required insurances to cover your investment.
  • Ensure the entity you invest in have a proven track record in the strategy you investing in.
  • The deal you investing in, ensure you understand the numbers of the deal, and request proof that the numbers work.
  • Ensure the entity supplied you proof of all transactions of the deal (Even upfront) – ie. Purchase offer contract, solicitor contract (Signed), Renovations / Build Invoices, Building Inspections, Property Valuation, Lending Approval, Done up value comparables.
  • When we go into a partnership, we have a standard contract that we then get signed (digitally) and then distributed to all parties. Our contract is drawn up by a solicitor, and you as investor need to have your solicitor / laywer review the contract to ensure it works both ways to keep your money safe.
  • What happens when something happens to us? (Death / Insolvency)
  • Ensure Bank accounts is valid and get proof of account.

We get deals by engaging in many relationships with Sourcing (or Buyers) agents, real estate agents and other people that is in the industry.

We ensure we talk and build our networks with these people so that we can get as many opportunities as possible.

Through our network, we have specialised teams that focusses on specific strategies, and we engage those people in the area’s that we invest in. Over time we have build a solid, trusted relationship with these people and companies, that we basically look after each other.

Deepening on your requirement, we can structure the loan (where applicable) to include security on your deal.

The way we can achieve this is with one of the following:

1st Mortgage on the property – If the property is bought cash, and the investor is majority investor (>80%)

2nd Mortgage on the property – If there is a bank mortgage on the deal, and the first mortgager allows a 2nd mortgage, also having be the majority investor

a Caveat on the Mortgage – This is where there is another mortgager, and the caveat is just on the  title, ensuring if all the lenders are settled, in case of insolvency, the caveat will ensure the investor gets




Developments, Flips, Buy to Hold,  Rooming Houses, Subdivisions, House of Multiple Occupancies (HMO).

We don’t typically keep money for long periods. Once we receive the funds we will move this to our solicitor that will keep this on the Solicitor trust to add to the deal, once the deal is ready for funding. So the funds goes legally to via the correct channels to obtain the purchase of the property.

For renovations or other costs, the funds goes directly to these companies. As investor, you can request invoices for these costs, and we always supply proof of the money trail.

We use Transferwise ( primarily to convert our forex transactions.

We always supply all proof of money movement to our investors, so that they know exactly where their money is at any stage.

As with any property investment (Or any other investments for that matter) – there are cases where some deals doesn’t make a profit, or the desired outcome.

Although we had deals that didn’t make a profit, we were always able to pay back our investors, We were able to alleviate the loss, but diversifying our portfolio, and by doing that, other deals offset the loss, with their profit. We always attempts to have multiple deals running at one time to ensure we over protect our and your investment.