Purchased Oct 2022, Currently in Progress

177 Ness Street School, Invercargill

Purchase Price

Purchase Price

$ 1M (or part thereof)

Est. Rent per Annum

Est. Rent per Annum

$ 372,840

ROI on Rental

ROI on Sale

7.68% per annum

About this opportunity

The Schoolhouse Project is a renovation project located in Invercargill, New Zealand. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, with paperwork finalised in early 2024 and start the refinance process.

Once completed, the project will have a government lease of 10 years + 5 years at $374,000NZD per annum. This makes it a very stable and solid investment opportunity. The structure is also attractive to end buyers, whether they want to keep or hold the property.

There is currently no debt on the project property, and the lending amount is low, providing confidence in paying back the investors.

Invercargill has seen significant progress with new developments, including a brand new city centre shopping mall, two new hotels and arcades, and a medical Centre soon to come.

Project only started in January 2023, and the progress has been significant, with the gibbing stage already reached.

Developer already contributed $2,100,000NZD in the project

Opportunity for future exclusive invitation to participate in syndication of long-term hold retirement properties including commercial, medical centers, multi-units and more.

The exit strategy for investors is to refinance once project completed at estimate completion January 2024 and pay back their capital + interest upon completion of the project. This ensures a reliable and predictable outcome for investors at the end of their investment term. Based on the registered valuation on March 2023 by CBRE is $5,800,000NZD

Refinance amount conservatively 50% LVR, equivalent to $2,900,000NZD. Safe and secure to exit investors’ capital and interest.


RETURNS Negotiable (Contact Us)
TERM 15 – 18 Months

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Purchase Price £500,000
Build / Renovation £3,300,000
All other costs £70,000
Contingency: £166,500
Total Initial Costs: £4,036,600
Market Value £5,800,000

Monthly Income

9 x 2 Bedroom units $196,560
5 x 3 Bedroom units $124,800
1 x Studio $12,480
1 X 5 Bedroom unit $39,000
Total Rent per Annum (@100% Uccupancy) $372,840                           

Annualised ROI = 7.68%

Charl van Wyk

Substantial personal portfolio with over 18 success projects delivered across the last 5 years. High focus on specialist education

Contact Us

We have joint ventured with a highly trusted partner, to be able to make this deal work. We have done multiple deals together. For more information on this, please reach out to us.