88 Crole Dr, Warragul, Victoria, AU

Capital Required

Capital Required

$ 200k

Capital Profit

Capital Profit

$ 20k



10% pa

About this opportunity

This property is a few houses from 82 Crole drive,  and have a slight difference in that the size of the property is slightly smaller, with the price of the land being slightly lower.  The Rest of the property including the designs, sizes, costs and rents is similar to 82 Crole.

This project is slightly behind the 82 Crole project, however this works out well for the team to ensure they complete a tasks at 82, then once done they will just continue and redo the work at 88.

This project is about 80% complete and expect full completion by End July 2023

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Land Price $260,000
Construction Cost $650,000
Consultants, Council Costs, Sales & Marketing, Interest cost, Holding Cost, Contingency $72,000
Fair Market End Value $1,300,000
Rental Income $105,300 (@90% Occupancy)
Running Expenses (Operating, Management Fee, Rates, Utilities, Insurance, Land Tax) $36,160
Mortgage @7% $37,800
Estimated ROI 12% pa

Charl van Wyk

Substantial personal portfolio with over 18 success projects delivered across the last 5 years. High focus on specialist education

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With the property already secured this project has significant momentum and we aim to commence renovation and improvements imminently. For more information on this, please reach out to us.