82 Crole Dr, Warragul, Victoria, AU

Capital Required

Capital Required

$ 200k

Capital Profit

Capital Profit

$ 20k



10% pa

About this opportunity

This is one of two developments we concurrently constructing. (See 88 Crole Dr, for the other project)

The concept of a rooming house has been around for over a hundred years and can also be referred to as share housing, room sharing or a boarding house. A Micro-apartment is a type of rooming house that provides

2 x Micro-apartment housing developments, which will be purpose built by our trusted Developer.

We will construct 2 Rooming house buildings with 9 x micro apartments on each site (land of approximately 580m2 per site). Building consent for both properties has been approved ,and the project are 90% and 70% complete, respectively.

The project timeline anticipates both of the buildings being fully tenanted by October 2023.

Each building will consist of 1 communal area and 9 Micro-apartments, each containing:
• A built-in Kitchenette
• 1 Bedroom
• 1 Bathroom
• Storage area
• Foyer Entrance

Validated rental appraisal is $250-00 per week per unit. This will return a gross of $117,000 per annum.

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Land Price $260,000
Construction Cost $650,000
Consultants, Council Costs, Sales & Marketing, Interest cost, Holding Cost, Contingency $72,000
Fair Market End Value $1,300,000
Rental Income $105,300 (@90% Occupancy)
Running Expenses (Operating, Management Fee, Rates, Utilities, Insurance, Land Tax) $36,160
Mortgage @7% $37,800
Estimated ROI 12% pa

Charl van Wyk

Substantial personal portfolio with over 18 success projects delivered across the last 5 years. High focus on specialist education

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With the property already secured this project has significant momentum and we aim to commence renovation and improvements imminently. For more information on this, please reach out to us.